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The "Dreams" sculpture series by Beatriz Gerenstein is a mesmerizing journey into the ethereal realm where reality and imagination entwine.

These sculptures invite us to explore the fertile dreamscape of our subconscious minds, where the rational gives way to the fantastical. In this illusory domain, anything becomes possible, and the limitless nature of human expression takes center stage. Each piece in this series is a canvas of emotions that resonates uniquely with every observer, encouraging personal reflection and the exploration of the boundless creativity that resides within us all.

Beatriz Gerenstein's enchanting sculpture, "Equestrian Euphoria," captures the essence of boundless freedom and youthful imagination. This mesmerizing artwork portrays a horse in full gallop, with a unique twist – small wings adorn its powerful legs, suggesting a mythical grace. Atop the equine dynamo, a young girl defies gravity, suspended in the air by the sheer velocity of their exhilarating journey. With a firm grip on the horse's flowing mane, she embodies the pure joy of adventure, seamlessly blending reality and fantasy. Gerenstein's sculpture is a testament to the timeless allure of dreams, where the boundaries of the possible dissolve, and the spirit soars.

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