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To Me You are Beautiful

Beatriz Gerenstein participated in the exhibition “Personal Structures” during the 59th Venice Biennale, 2022.

The Concept

"To me, you are Beautiful" is a profoundly moving tribute to the strength and resilience of women. This sculpture tells a story of courage and determination in the face of adversity, specifically focusing on a woman who has endured the loss of her breasts.

The sculpture's depiction of a woman with two golden depressions where her breasts used to be, is both striking and symbolic. It serves as a visual reminder of the physical and emotional challenges that many women face, particularly those who have experienced breast-related health issues. The choice of gold for these depressions adds an element of beauty and symbolism, suggesting that true beauty transcends physical appearance.

The Installation

The presentation of Beatriz Gerenstein's sculpture, "To me, you are Beautiful," at the Venice Biennale was a thoughtful and deliberate choice that enhances the impact of the artwork. The decision to place the sculpture in a dedicated room with pure white walls, floor, and ceiling, along with ample illumination, creates an environment that allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in the piece.


The use of white as the dominant color in the room serves to amplify the sculpture's presence and draw attention to its intricate details. The high-key lighting box further accentuated the sculpture, highlighting its joyful and vigorous message. This intentional lighting strategy not only showcased the sculpture's physical attributes but also contributed to the overall emotional experience it offered to viewers.


The decision to place the sculpture on a turntable atop a white pedestal was a clever design choice. It enabled viewers to appreciate the artwork from various angles, allowing them to explore its subtle details and dynamic form. This interactive aspect of the installation invited viewers to engage with the sculpture on a deeper level, encouraging them to examine it from multiple perspectives.

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