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The Third Partner

Beatriz Gerenstein participated in the exhibition “Time-Space-Existence” during the 16th Venice Architettura Biennale 2018. This exhibition was organized by the European Cultural Centre. Gerenstein presented a site-specific installation composed of one monumental sculpture titled The Third Partner.

The Concept

In Gerenstein’s narrative, every activity of human beings, such as love, business or friendship, requires imperceptible but undeniable energy that facilitates our relationship with other people. The third end of the knot, the one that heads to the heavens, brings down that energy, it is The Third Partner.

The Sculpture

Beatriz Gerenstein named her monumental sculpture The Third Partner. It is 3.1 meters high (10.5 feet), made of stainless steel and has a mirror finish. A large, shiny knot is in the centre of the sculpture. Three ends emerge from the knot instead of the two we always see in a knot. Two ends appear at an angle from the bottom of the knot and join the base of the sculpture in an elegant gesture. The third end comes up from the knot, towards the sky.

The Installation

The Third Partner was installed in the Giardino della Marinaressa, a public park facing the Venice lagoon and a short distance from St Mark’s Square ( Piazza San Marco), an iconic place in Venice. The mixed blue and green lights coming from the Venice lagoon and the trees of the gardens produce pleasant reflections on the bright surface of the sculpture, adding a touch of magic to the whole scene.

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