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Sculptures from The Soul

Beatriz Gerenstein was invited to have a solo exhibition at the Museum La Quadreria in Bologna, Italy. The exhibition was held from January 21 to February 4, 2020

The Concept

The exhibition was designed to stress the differences and similarities of the art through time.

An intense tension was generated by the contrast between Gerenstein’s contemporary sculptures and the about 400-year-old painting masterpieces. At the same time, visitors could appreciate how the aesthetic principles of art are expressed and change over time, but maintain a line of continuity.

The Museum

"La Quadreria"  is a young museum with nine exhibition halls. The museum occupies the spaces of the Palazzo Rossi Poggi Marsili, in the heart of the historic center in the city of Bologna, Italy. The museum presents works by Italian Masters from the sixteenth to eighteenth century.

The Installation

Nine sculptures were selected for this exhibition. Six sculptures were individually located in the center of six respective exhibition halls. Three other sculptures, selected for sharing their message, were placed in the seventh room. Special care was taken that each sculpture had common elements with the paintings and the atmosphere of the room where they were placed. The rooms were obscured, and the sculptures were illuminated with a dedicated spotlight.

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