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Harmony of The People

In September 2010, Beatriz Gerenstein was commissioned to create a monumental sculpture to be permanently placed in Wanjia Plaza, Pudong, Shanghai, China, based on her sculpture “Dancing in the Sky” from her collection “Together”.

In this artwork, we find humanity dancing and rejoicing in the divine creation. Gerenstein approaches this subject through the allegorical representation of trees whose branches metamorphose into human beings. These dynamic figures are dancing, holding hands, and supporting each other. From a small nuclear family to a large gathering of people, Gerenstein sculptures revolve around the different aspects of life, from its philosophical and religious roots to its fruits and perpetual renewal.

“Harmony of the People” represents the joy shared by all these figures dancing together. They are all different, each moving in their own way, and yet, they all evoke the harmonious flow of a group in sync. As in life itself, the figures in the sculpture go beyond their differences to achieve a collective goal. It is a group choreography that takes each and all parts moving independently to come together in a coherent form and dance together in harmony.

Beatriz Gerenstein worked closely with the metal foundry experts to bring to life this monumental sculpture that was finally installed and unveiled in 2011. Measuring 7 meters in height, 5 meters in diameter and weighing 5 tons (23 ft high, 16.5 ft wide, 11,000 lbs), the monument is a homage to humanity’s capacity for love, strength and its spirit of cooperation. To this date, people congregate in the evenings for communal activities under its peaceful presence, in the bidirectional discourse of art imitating life and vice-versa.

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