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Beatriz Gerenstein's "Beauty" sculpture series is a powerful feminist statement in bronze. These sculptures feature women's heads, each portraying unique attitudes: dreaming, faith, surprise, and contemplation.  Gerenstein captures the essence of female experiences and emotions, challenging societal norms and emphasizing the diverse facets of womanhood. This series celebrates women's strength, complexity, and individuality, making a profound artistic statement about the importance of recognizing and honoring the multifaceted nature of beauty in all its forms.

"Faith", a bronze sculpture by Beatriz Gerenstein showing a young  woman quest for spirituality


Bronze, 21 H x 14 W x 12 D inches ( 54 H x 36 W x 30 D cm)

"Thinking" a bronze sculpture by Beatriz Gerenstein.  An introspective moment of a young woman.


15 H X 14 W x 10 D inches (38 H X 36 W x 25 D cm)

"DREAMING" a bronze sculptur by Beatriz Gerenstein.  A young woman lost in reverie


Bronze, 10 H x 14 W x 10 D inches (25 H x 35 W x 25 D cm)

"SURPRISE" a bronze sculpure by Beatriz Gerenstein capturing a young woman's delightful astonishment.


Bronze, 11 H x 11 W x 10 D inches ( 27 H x 27 W x 25 D cm)

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